achievement through connection

Figure 1: Achievement Through Connection

As I move forward from an eventful year of learning and establishing myself in the profession of coaching, I feel more clear about the purpose of my blog and how I can make a contribution to the thinking about personal improvement that will lead to a meaningful life and the feeling of fulfillment.  Being mindful is at the heart of my coaching and I am grateful for the rich learning that was part of the everyday coaching. Common themes emerged when I was coaching individuals who wanted to become more effective in their workplace, families that wanted better communication and influence with their children, or individuals who were striving for fitness & wellness changes.  Specifically, the power of the personal story, the need to feel connected, and the delicate dynamic of the connection relationship are at the heart of the thinking. A connection relationship  is the interaction between feeling connected to yourself so that you can connect better to others. This feeling of connection drives all meaningful achievement. My coaching has been about providing the thinking space for individuals to become more connected to who they really are, which allows them to interact with others in a more meaningful way. This process is mutually reinforcing allowing you to feel seen, heard and valued, which fuels the strong flow of energy between individuals.

Purpose of the Blog

The focus of this blog will be to invite you into the learning by sharing a base of knowledge and understanding that has been the focus of my work in leadership development and self-fulfilment over the last decade.  I look forward to sharing the work of researchers that have significantly impacted the people I have worked with to become more connected to the people they work with, their family and in general relationships.  My wish is to create a forum for discussion that will allow you to personalize your learning.  Your feedback and input will be the energy that will fuel this blog.