Professional coaches are trained to connect with individuals in a way that will help them build more awareness and insight into what is important to them. This self-discovery process is supported through the use of a wide variety of Connection Tools, including the Core Values Inventory (CVI). A coaching conversation is designed to help individuals get to the heart of what matters. It is a focused conversation designed to support individuals to clarify their thinking to generated new choices and make changes. The coach’s job is to leverage individual’s strengths by enhancing skills, and tapping into the client’s creativity.

Details of Coaching

  • Initial session to determine the focus for coaching
  • 10-12 coaching sessions are ideal
  • each session is 45 min to 60 min
  • sessions are best every 2 weeks
  • sessions can be in person, on the phone or via Skype

Common Requests For Coaching

  • Leadership Development
  • Motivation and productivity
  • Managing conflict
  • Promoting collaboration for innovation
  • Family Relationships
  • Connecting with adolescents
  • Revitalizing connection to spouse
  • Navigating extended family dynamics
  • Fitness and Lifestyle
  • Wellness and life balance
  • Attaining fitness goals
  • Weight loss and healthy eating

Coaching Fees –

Introductory Month – $250.00

  • includes Core Values Inventory & Discovery Session
  • biweekly personal coaching sessions

Each additional month

  • $100.00 (biweekly sessions)
  • $200.00 (weekly sessions)
  • $300.00 (unlimited sessions and regular email communication)


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