achievement relationships selfHow do people achieve what is important to them?

Our philosophy is that meaningful achievement comes from feeling genuinely connected to yourself, leveraging your strengths, being fully aware of your growing edges, and having a mindset that allows you to adapt and change to everyday experiences in a way that fuels personal growth.

This kind of deep connection to self is a complex dynamic that is initiated when we connect with others in a very distinct way. Many people talk about feeling connected when they feel hear, valued and not judged. Fewer people talk about this feeling as a regular occurrence in their lives. Our belief is that feeling connected to yourself is a process that needs to be supported by interactions with others who have the training to open your awareness to possibilities that will allow you to be more present in your own life.

The interrelated process of feeling more connected to yourself by feeling connected to others is a mutually enriching process that builds strong relationships with family members, work colleagues, and people in general. Strong relationships are at the core of all meaningful achievements. Nurturing this feeling of connection is at the core of the work we do at Mobility for Change. We call this focus ‘Achievement through Connection’

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