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Resistor to Change: The Lizard Brain

Quieting the Lizard Brain  outlines the neuroscience behind why we have difficulty getting things done.  A great deal of the work that is done in Coaching is related to quieting the lizard brain.

Shipping on time and on budget – how does that apply to  your work? your life?

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Simon Sinek – The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle provides insight into moving people to action from the inside out.  Why? How? What?
  People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it

How does that work for you?

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How does passion fit in?

Cal Newport – Follow your passion is bad advice

Check it out:

The message for me was that the power of passion can emerge naturally through a very purposeful approach that involves being skillful and having a clear plan.  Deep work is the essence …… difficult … will improve with practice …. makes you feel alive!!!

What […]

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Learner Judger Mindset Part 2

Exercising good judgment vs. being judgmental

There is often some confusion about the potential connection between exercising good judgment and being judgmental.   Our experiences and learning help us develop the skill of exercising good judgment to a point where we can lead change and use expertise to influence others in a positive way. Although there […]

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Leadership Coaching

“…recent studies have shown that companies now use coaching 75% of the time to optimize performance vs. ‘fixing’ problems.  Having a coach as your partner during your growth process might be the most “right” thing you ever do.  You might be pleasantly surprised to know how much an objective, experienced coach can accelerate […]

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