Leadership Coaching

“…recent studies have shown that companies now use coaching 75% of the time to optimize performance vs. ‘fixing’ problems.  Having a coach as your partner during your growth process might be the most “right” thing you ever do.  You might be pleasantly surprised to know how much an objective, experienced coach can accelerate your personal and leadership progress. ”

Cashman, Kevin (2008) Leadership from the Inside Out

As a professional coach I use a strength based approach to help individuals at any level of the organization improve their performance at work.  By focusing on capacity building, I can maximize the organization’s ability to be productive and meet the ever-changing demands of a competitive market by helping individuals step into any leadership role in an insightful way that supports learning and growth.  Professional coaching helps individuals synchronize their efforts in a way that will support innovation and creativity thereby enabling the organization to go beyond the ordinary.

Feel free to contact me for more information.  I also look forward to your thoughts on the idea of leadership from the inside out.